My number one skin care tip

I should probably preface this by saying I am not a dermatologist, a beautician or someone that has any authority on skin apart from having it on my body. I am also not a beauty blogger, but I feel pretty strongly about this tip so hear me out.

My number one skin care tip is: don’t put anything on your face. Nothing. Not cleanser, toner, moisturiser, purifyer, detoxifyer or anything else that ends in ‘fyer’, pimple cream, serum, lotions potions or anti aging bull sh*t.

Don’t buy it. When I was 19 my skin suddenly erupted in large sore pimples. My dermatologist (who charged $125 for a five minute consultation, so he must have been good) prescribed some pretty mild antibiotics and told me not to touch or put anything on my skin. And to this day I still haven’t. Except for sunscreen and a generic chemist cream I use to remove make up.

It’s called Aqueous Cream and it comes in plenty of brands and costs about $10 for a huge tub like this:


I just rub it all over my face with a bit of water and then wipe it off with cotton make up remover pads. I try to do this at night but I’m pretty lazy and sometimes do it the next morning… Gross. But I must emphasise, this is a product that has no other function than to loosen and remove my make up. I use a SPF 50 sunscreen every day without fail.

I feel pretty strongly that organs like skin are pretty good at regulating themselves. I don’t apply a lotion or take a pill every day for my lungs to function, so why my face?! This of course is not the case if you suffer from a medical condition like serious acne. I’m fortunate to have clear skin with just the odd pimple, but I think my no product regime has a lot to do with this. Here’s a photo of me without makeup if you you need proof.

I recently had a facial and lost count of the amount of products slathered over my face in what appeared to be no particular order. After an hour of feeling sticky and uncomfortable I couldn’t wait to get home and douse my face in water. But not before my beauty therapist “prescribed” a slew of products from their catalogue which she kindly gave me to take home and peruse. No thanks!

I find the amount of skin care products out there bewildering and confusing, so my advice is to use none of them and see what happens. What do you use on your face?

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12 Responses to My number one skin care tip

  1. Kel says:

    If that is your secret then I am jumping on it! I currently cleanse twice, prime and moisturise morning and night. Only recently have I notice my skin is just not happy. It’s either stupidly dry or crazy oily and makeup is sliding off my face. I would kill for your sans makeup skin so I am off to buy a tub of this tonight and give it a go ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jess Carey says:

    That information was probably worth the $125, 5 minute consult then if your skin looks as amazing as it does now! I’ve always been much the same, probably because mum has never been a big make up wearer – I use moisturiser with sunscreen in it each day and my only make up “routine” is a bit of mascara… compared to the friends who wear tons of make up and use heaps of products, my skin is WAY clearer. Not sure if that’s good genetics or just good habits, but I like the way you think and will be off to hunt down a tub of this stuff too! Best not leave these things to chance ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Bec says:

      I definitely think one’s makeup/beauty choices are influenced by their mothers! Although my mother would probably baulk at the amount of foundation I wear… Let me know how you find the Aqueous.

  3. jojo says:

    Its all in the Genes. This may work wonders for you with an inherited good skin organ ~ like so much of our bodies issues are passed to us by our wrinkled or smooth parents with or without high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. I agree skin care does not have to be expensive and by protecting yourself from the number 1 destroyer of skin~the sun ~ you are giving it a great chance to be healthy.
    That will be $165-00

  4. Completely agree. I was gifted a facial recently and it just seemed more hassle than anything. I was told I have horrible sun damage (I am NEVER in the sun) and was written a list of 12 products that were suggested for me. Have never tried this product but sounds right up my alley!

    • Bec says:

      Ughhh I hate the up sell! My facial lady even did the whole “So what products are you using at home?” thing that is usually reserved for the hairdressers. I was like “practically nothing, and that works for me”. Awkward!

  5. Hannah says:

    I bought some of this yesterday! I usually just take my makeup off with baby wipes but I like that this moisturises as well. I recently got sucked in to purchasing Zoe Foster’s skincare range. I had a massive breakout after using it so now I’m scared to use it again, even though I’m not sure if that was the cause. But it’s so pretty and smells so nice! lol. What kind of sunscreen to you use? Is it a special one or regular?

    • Bec says:

      Oh no! I would be too scared to go back too. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 50. I’ve used it for years because it doesn’t leave a greasy sheen whatsoever and is a good base for foundation. Also it’s cheap and you can buy it at the super market! So glad you’re on the Aqueous band wagon ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mandy says:

    Hi – love this post! I agree with what you wrote. I read ‘girl stuff’ by kaz Cooke as a teenager and she goes into great detail to debunk many beauty routines, including facial routines. Great advice for those impressionable teenage years. I use water, an organic facial wash once a day and sunscreen. I refuse to add layer upon layer of crap on my face, even if I wear foundation, I usually can’t wait to get home and take it off to let my face breathe.

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