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Visiting the Mormon capital of the world: some thoughts

I’m kind of breaking the chronology of our trip with this post. Technically Idaho comes next but we are in Salt Lake City now and I wanted to write this while it was still fresh. Salt Lake City is beautiful, … Continue reading

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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park

Our second day at Yellowstone could not have been more different than the first. It was like being in a completely different park, visually. We headed to the the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (that is its actual name) and took … Continue reading

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The geysers at Yellowstone National Park

We got up super early to beat the Yellowstone traffic to check out the bubbling geysers and hot springs. It was other wordly, walking among steaming aqua pools bubbling away next to the white earth. A geyser is essentially a thermal pool, … Continue reading

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I really, really loved Montana. But for some reason I just didn’t take many photos. I think I was just burnt out from excessive photo taking from Glacier National Park. Most of these were taken on my phone. But first, … Continue reading

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Calgary to Glacier National Park

After the Stampede we took a few days slowly making our way south back to the States, relaxing after what had been a manic week of camping one place per night across the Rockies followed by the fun of Calgary. … Continue reading

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Banff to the Calgary Stampede

We were naively taken aback by how busy Banff was. Just walking along the main street was a struggle, finding a park was impossible and the service staff were all surly beyond belief. After a few failed attempts, we found … Continue reading

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America, Canada & Australia: 8 observations

Tomorrow marks 9 weeks since we left Australia! Here are some things that have surprised, interested and confounded me over the last two months, from the mundane to the more profound. I want to emphasise that these are observations, not … Continue reading

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Lake Louise, Banff National Park

I’d particularly been looking forward to getting to Banff National Park, it’s the ‘stunningly beautiful’ place Australians rave about ad nauseam upon their return home. And for good reason. We arrived at Lake Louise in the late afternoon and battled ginormous buses groaning … Continue reading

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Oh Canada

When we lived in Kalgoorlie I would have given my right arm for a lake to swim in. A body of water to jump into, relax near and cool off in. Canadians are so spoilt with their lakes. After Vancouver … Continue reading

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Reading on the road

Remember last year, when I forgot how to read? Those were trying times. Fortunately, not having a job or an internet connection for most of the day has enabled me to get back in touch with reading, which I am … Continue reading

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