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My top 8 blue water travel destinations

Some people love mountains, others a quaint countryside. Some are fascinated by volcanoes or find ultimate paradise in the mist of a thundering waterfall. Me? I love blue water. Especially the kind you can snorkel in. Here are my top 8 … Continue reading

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3 delicious things we ate in Montreal

Bonjour! It’s a completely bizarre concept to an Australian that you can drive a couple of hundred kilometres and suddenly be unable to speak the local language. Firstly, because driving a couple of hundred kilometres usually gets you nowhere in Australia and … Continue reading

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Two new videos of our trip

I’ve had some time lately to collate the (endless) hours of GoPro footage we’ve collected along our travels and have come up with two snazzy videos to share. The first one is of our USA-Canada road trip which you can … Continue reading

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Hamilton, Ontario

Canadians are mean. There, I said it. Shall I elaborate? Probably should, and fast, before I get lynched by my family there. We met many Canadians in South and Central America. You literally couldn’t swing a backpack over your shoulder … Continue reading

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2015 – The year of travel

I’d be lying if I said 2015 was just another year. I quit my job, sold everything I own, said goodbye to my friends and family and home of three and a half years and took off on an adventure … Continue reading

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Goodbye America and Canada

Well that was fun! In 20 weeks we saw 18 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. We covered 24,965 kilometres in the car (that’s 15,507 miles!), made countless new friends and saw countless towns, cities and national parks. And I … Continue reading

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A summary: USA road trip part 1

On Tuesday we arrived back in Los Angeles after 3 months on the road! Our epic adventure took us up the west coast from LA to Vancouver, then east to Calgary before zigzagging down through Montana,Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Colorado … Continue reading

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Calgary to Glacier National Park

After the Stampede we took a few days slowly making our way south back to the States, relaxing after what had been a manic week of camping one place per night across the Rockies followed by the fun of Calgary. … Continue reading

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Banff to the Calgary Stampede

We were naively taken aback by how busy Banff was. Just walking along the main street was a struggle, finding a park was impossible and the service staff were all surly beyond belief. After a few failed attempts, we found … Continue reading

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America, Canada & Australia: 8 observations

Tomorrow marks 9 weeks since we left Australia! Here are some things that have surprised, interested and confounded me over the last two months, from the mundane to the more profound. I want to emphasise that these are observations, not … Continue reading

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