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Passive aggressive notes at the office

I love a passive aggressive office note (PAON). Hilarious as they are embarrassing (for the author) and unnecessary, the PAON is often found in the staff kitchen, typically the most turbulent of workplace zones. Who would have thought a place of … Continue reading

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Australia Day Weekend Wrap

Instalment three of Project Mini Break (also known as three weekends at the beach in a row) wrapped up on Monday after the Australia Day long weekend in Hopetoun. Hopetoun is a tiny spec on the WA south coast 160km … Continue reading

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Australia Day Baking

Remember last year how made these Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones for Australia Day? Well this year I’ve made the Milo Cheesecake with Chocolate Crackle Crust from Raspberri Cupcakes and as you can imagine I am pretty bloody excited to try it. … Continue reading

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It’s the Friday before a long weekend

Do you a) mentally clock off before 9am and spend the entire morning struggling until you accidentally stray into the weird part of YouTube, freak out and swiftly retreat to the safety of those spreadsheets you should have filed hours … Continue reading

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10 things I love about living in the country

I just spent $900 to get home for my Dad’s 60th in February*. Yep, almost $1000 and I won’t even cross an ocean or international border. In times like these I like to remind myself why I live where I … Continue reading

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Beachy Birthday

Seems odd that I’m lying here, listening to the rain fall and blogging about the techni colour weekend at the beach I’ve just enjoyed. I love the rain so much more now that I live on the edge of a … Continue reading

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Everything we leave behind

This incredible video tracks the tweets of a young woman named Amanda who documented her life, her brain cancer and eventually, her death on twitter. The video was made by a blogger named Shannon. It is a poignant reminder of … Continue reading

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Ottolenghi’s Chocolate Fudge Cake

It was in London in 2010 when I was first introduced to Ottolenghi by my Aunt. We had just had lunch elsewhere and popped into the Ottolenghi restaurant in Belgravia to grab some sweets. I remember being very impressed with the … Continue reading

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Catch Up

Where have I been? For someone who secretly vowed to blog more frequently I certainly haven’t been keeping my (silent) word. The last time I was here I was boasting about my escapades with my heart rate monitor and all … Continue reading

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Why I’m the biggest hypocrite of all time*

(And by that title I mean physically the largest and most bloated hypocrite*) Remember before Christmas, how I was all like ‘eat! drink! and be merry!’ and poked fun at articles with obscene tips for not putting on weight over … Continue reading

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