Beachy Birthday

Seems odd that I’m lying here, listening to the rain fall and blogging about the techni colour weekend at the beach I’ve just enjoyed. I love the rain so much more now that I live on the edge of a desert and see/hear it so rarely.

Anyway, the reason for our sojourn to the coast (not that we need a reason) this time was to celebrate the 22nd birthday of our friend Claire Dearlo. Oh to be 22 again…

Here she is with the chocolate cake I made her:


We arrived down in Esperance at various times on Friday and rang in the first night with games of beer pong, flip cup and other frat boy drinking games this 25-year-old is probably much too old for.


After some breakfast the next morning we hit Twilight beach for some beach cricket:



This led to a rather hilarious sports photography series:




During which I also led a traditional Samoan sarong (known as a lava lava) tying tutorial with the ones I brought back from my trip in September.




Claire and I then inadvertently starred in our own tampon commercial:


Bikinis, check (extra points for a white bikini). Running along a beach, check.Wind in our hair/sarongs, check.

Other points of interest include my housemate Bec getting a dried dead fish stuck to her and my poor friend Bros slicing his foot open whilst fielding and having to get patched up at the Surf Club.

That night we devoured a bunch of pizzas and got ready to hit Esperance’s premier night hot spot (also the only one that exists) known lovingly as the Snake Pit. Bec stole some hair chalk from her sister and got Claire and Michelle to join her in looking like members of a 90s girl group:








I really wish I could fully communicate the tackiness that is the Snake Pit… Let’s just say it’s the only overage venue I’ve ever been to that uses a smoke machine. It’s just that classy.

The next day there was time for a quick dip before heading four hours back up the road to Kalgoorlie.


And enough time to bury Claire in the sand.


Good times. I’m heading back to the beach (Hopetoun this time) this weekend for the third weekend in a row! Very excited. Do you have plans for the Australia Day long weekend? Or if you aren’t in Australia, the weekend?

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4 Responses to Beachy Birthday

  1. Nadia says:

    Beeeach!!! (I’m going to the beach this weekend. And if it’s too hot for that, ice skating.) Twilight beach looks divine 🙂

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