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Melbourne Bucket-List Item 3.

Consume Delicious Coffee I thought I had missed item 3! But then I remembered that on Friday the fam, some friends and I stopped at Snow Pony on the way to the airport. Possibly the trendiest cafe in all of … Continue reading

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Melbourne Bucket-List Item 5.

Get out of Melbourne Last weekend I made good on my promise to get out of Melbourne and drove to Euroa (about 2 hours north) to visit my Mum and spend time with family and friends. It was nice to … Continue reading

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Ted Baker Spring/Summer ’11 Launch

The Melbourne Bucket-List Item 2. Attend a Fashion Event You may be wondering why my post on attending a fashion event for my Melbourne Bucket-List features a photo of cookies. Well, being a crap blogger means I didn’t take my camera … Continue reading

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The Melbourne Bucket-List Item 1.

Attend an AFL Game So on Friday night I begrudgingly crossed-off the first item on my Melbourne Bucket-List. I had hoped for a win for my last footy game in Melbourne but alas, Carlton played the first half like an … Continue reading

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Remembering Barcelona

This time last year I had just spent the weekend in Barcelona. Having travelled across the States with a friend for 2 months, followed by a few weeks in the UK with family, Barcelona was my first destination travelling solo. … Continue reading

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Smells Like Spring

Spring has sprung! I know because when I open the front door an intoxicating scent of jasmine hits me in the face. Yum. Spring means: –  Spring Racing Carnival –  Even more unpredictable Melbourne weather (not that I’ll be here) … Continue reading

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The Midas Touch

The last time I owned a piece of gold clothing was a princess dress my mum bought for me when I was 5 or 6. My last memory of it is a (male) family friend trying it on at age … Continue reading

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The Melbourne Bucket-List

In less than a week I depart Melbourne- my hometown and partial love of my life, for dustier pastures in Western Australia. As excited as I am to begin the next chapter I think a lengthy and drawn-out fair well … Continue reading

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Candy-Coloured Communism

I’m no political or historical scientist but perhaps the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 would have been more favourably met by those frolicking in the Prague Spring if propaganda used by the Soviets had been disseminated in fetching … Continue reading

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Since turning 23 on the 4th of August, there have been some exciting developments in my life. Firstly, on the 4th I had my hair cut and coloured, exciting, no?! On the same day, as I was leaving the salon … Continue reading

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