Ted Baker Spring/Summer ’11 Launch

The Melbourne Bucket-List Item 2. Attend a Fashion Event

You may be wondering why my post on attending a fashion event for my Melbourne Bucket-List features a photo of cookies. Well, being a crap blogger means I didn’t take my camera to the launch of Ted Baker’s Spring/Summer collection last Thursday. So I had to photograph the cookies I stole (wrapped in a napkin in my handbag ala Grandmas everywhere).

Speaking of cookies, the food at this event was amazing. Macarons, mini cakes, chocolate flower lollypops, aforementioned cookies. Washed down with champagne and gin and elderflower cocktails. Yum. There was a real spring theme to the food and floral arrangements. Cute.

So I just realised that it’s the third paragraph in my ‘fashion post’ and I haven’t so much as mentioned the clothes… Haha priorities. Well Kate and I played the ‘good/crap’ game and discovered that there was a solid 50:50 ratio. Lots of colour and texture, some good, some bad. I did love the print dresses featuring birds and flowers.

Did I have any intention of buying the clothes? No. Did I enjoy the free food and drinks? Heck yes!

Look!! I just found the above picture on a blog called Many Triangle and there I am in the background (right next the the brown handbag)! Happy as Larry.

Powering through my Bucket-List.

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