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The ferry arrived in Savai’i and we drove along the coast to a village called Manase. Naturally I took about 500 photos of palm trees as we drove along the coast. We drove through countless villages, saw many churches, adorable … Continue reading

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Arriving in Samoa

Greetings! Just a couple of quick snaps. I arrived in Samoa on Saturday night. My sister picked me up and we headed back to a resort belonging to a friend of her’s and my brother in law’s (grammar?!). There was … Continue reading

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Oh fudge!

Remember how people used to say ‘fudge’ instead of a much stronger f-word alternative? Well that’s kind of what I was thinking after I created this somewhat lacklustre ‘fudge’. I went wrong thinking I could mix two average chocolates and … Continue reading

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25 things I know at 25

Now that I’m 25 (and judging from the photo above, feeling pretty smug about it), I feel like I’m almost at the age where I can start dishing out unsolicited advice to pretty much everyone. Because who doesn’t love a … Continue reading

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Ladies Day, now with added ladies

Waking up after the cocktail party, we headed straight to Hoovers for this: Replenished, it was time for more of these: I wore a dress I bought last year some time and a fascinator I bought for half price from … Continue reading

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Cocktails and burlesque

Those of us who frequent bars in Kalgoorlie are accustomed to seeing naked breasts every time we order a drink. Topless barmaids are one mining town trait that this place will probably never shake. So you think the opportunity to … Continue reading

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A day at the races

Yesterday my housemates and I trotted off to the track for the Boulder Cup. After last year’s disastrous cancellation of all races due to a ‘water logged track’ caused by a sprinkler when it was 25 degrees and sunny, I … Continue reading

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Can we just talk about…

How cheap strawberries are This photo encapsulates all my dreams realised. I’ve loved strawberries for as long as I can remember. Not strawberry cake, milkshakes or ice cream. Strawberries. I remember hearing at the start of the year, when strawberries … Continue reading

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New cameras

It may surprise few people to learn that I enjoy taking photos. I have about 4000 photos on my iPhone alone. Not to mention almost 15,000 on my MacBook… No wonder it runs slower than a herd of snails travelling … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung here in Kal! Today was a whopping 31 degrees. I took the above photo of pear blossom in Lauren and Dave’s front yard recently. I didn’t even know pear blossom was a thing. I was there to … Continue reading

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