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Here we are. It’s 2020, bushfires are raging all over my country and it feels like we are on the brink of World War III. What a time to be alive! I’ve just returned to Melbourne and work from a … Continue reading

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Mini getaway to Port Fairy

We are just flying right on through January aren’t we?! A few weeks ago (I’m in complete denial as it was actually before Christmas but shhhh!) I caught up with my close friend Bec for a relaxing weekend on the … Continue reading

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Family Beach Christmas 2016

Every year my dad’s side of the family celebrate Christmas the weekend before the 25th. We all converge at a beach house near the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and eat, drink, swim, play games, sing, heckle one another … Continue reading

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Can’t afford Capri? Head to Ischia

You know I love a budget travel option. Well maybe ‘budget’ is somewhat of an exaggeration when it comes to going anywhere vaguely coastal in southern Italy, so let’s go with ‘more budget friendly’. We were trying decide how to … Continue reading

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Travel tips for Albania: Europe’s hidden gem

If there’s one thing I’ve heard many times over the last few weeks in person and online it’s: “Albania looked amazing!”. I probably went a bit overboard sharing photos from this former Eastern Bloc country on social media but I … Continue reading

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The cheap European beach paradise you’ve never heard of

Anyone who has looked into spending time on a beach over the European summer has heard of the big names; Capri and Sorrento in Italy, Nice in France, the Greek Islands etc. But what if I told you there was … Continue reading

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Swimming with sharks, stingrays and eels

The title of this blog post could be a nightmare or a dream come true, depending on how you feel about ocean dwellers. While I don’t mind harmless sharks and stingrays, eels are nothing short of the devil’s work. As hideous as … Continue reading

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Tulum: the ruins and the beach

I had very high hopes for Tulum and if I’m completely honest, my very first impression when we got off the bus wasn’t the best. You see, people always tell you to go to less touristy Tulum instead of Cancun; … Continue reading

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San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

What’s better than a town with a one word name? A town with a four word name. San Juan of the south (as it translates to in English) is a charming, if not gringo infested, surfing town in southern Nicaragua. It’s known for its … Continue reading

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Honestly, I didn’t love Costa Rica

Costa Rica. Such an exotic name that evokes images of windswept palm trees, crystal clear blue water and the smell of coconut oil. I think a lot of Costa Rica’s mystique stems from its mention in popular culture as the … Continue reading

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