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My favourite places from our 16 month trip

Since returning home, everyone has asked “What was your favourite pla… oh you probably don’t have one!”. Incorrect. Obviously we had many wonderful experiences but I have absolutely no problem ranking them! I prepped my answer long before we returned. … Continue reading

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Roman Reunion: the final stop on our trip

I can’t believe I’m typing this. Not only is this the very last post from our 16 month world travel extravaganza, but it has taken me an embarrassingly long time to get it done! I blame my reentry into the … Continue reading

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The cheap European beach paradise you’ve never heard of

Anyone who has looked into spending time on a beach over the European summer has heard of the big names; Capri and Sorrento in Italy, Nice in France, the Greek Islands etc. But what if I told you there was … Continue reading

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12 things we did in London (some for free!)

So here I am again, about to apologise for my lapse in posting. I suppose I should spare you all a hollow ‘sorry’ and just cut to the chase, shouldn’t I? For the last month we’ve been staying with extraordinarily … Continue reading

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9 things that surprised me about Ireland

Gaelic language is quite widespread The Irish language is on all the road, tourist and information signs, on menus and the train and tram stops were announced in Gaelic and then in English. I suppose I had wrongly assumed Gaelic … Continue reading

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Hanging out on the Emerald Isle

Greetings from Ireland! This place is as lush, green and drenched in Guinness and glorious music as you could ever imagine. We landed just over 3 weeks ago and after breezing through immigration (seriously, the immigration officer told has to … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday: 7 things you probably did in Prague

We all like to think we had a unique travel experience, dined at a ‘tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe down a lane way in Paris’ or discovered an ‘underground gallery so obscure and unique it didn’t have a gift shop’ (fools! the … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesdays: Slovenia

Slovenia was one of the destinations on my trip to Europe in May. I’d never been before and it turned out to be one of the highlights. We checked into the most bizarre hostel in Ljubljana, it used to be … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesdays: Amsterdam

This weeks TT is very timely because on the weekend just gone one year ago, I was in Amsterdam with one of my all-time favourite people. What a city. I don’t think I need to delve into too many details … Continue reading

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