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Roman Reunion: the final stop on our trip

I can’t believe I’m typing this. Not only is this the very last post from our 16 month world travel extravaganza, but it has taken me an embarrassingly long time to get it done! I blame my reentry into the … Continue reading

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5 reasons why Napoli is not as terrible as people say

So Napoli doesn’t have the best reputation. I’ve often heard people say it’s not at all worth the trip, that it’s dirty and dangerous and has nothing going for it (read: ‘Why no one wants to travel to Naples’). But … Continue reading

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Can’t afford Capri? Head to Ischia

You know I love a budget travel option. Well maybe ‘budget’ is somewhat of an exaggeration when it comes to going anywhere vaguely coastal in southern Italy, so let’s go with ‘more budget friendly’. We were trying decide how to … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesdays: Rome

This is a big call, but I think Rome is my favourite European city. Yes, I said it. The food, the weather, the architecture, the ancient ruins around every bend… I loved every second of my Roman Holiday. I also … Continue reading

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Welcome to Travel Tuesdays: Venice

Welcome to the first edition of Travel Tuesdays! First up, Venice: People will tell you it’s overrated. Crowded in summer. Miserable in winter. But I honestly don’t think i’ve ever been anywhere are magical as Venice. With every corner turned … Continue reading

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