Welcome to Travel Tuesdays: Venice

Welcome to the first edition of Travel Tuesdays!
First up, Venice:

People will tell you it’s overrated. Crowded in summer. Miserable in winter. But I honestly don’t think i’ve ever been anywhere are magical as Venice. With every corner turned a new postcard-perfect view uncovered before my eyes. I stayed off the main island of Venice on the island of Giudecca, immediately to the south, at a hostel called Ostello di Venezia. Giudecca is quaint and adorable and provides a nice refuge from the tourist infested Venice mainland (although to be honest that didn’t bother me much). I spent a day on Lido Island (it’s actually just a sand bar, where the Venice Film Festival takes place) on the beach with cheese, wine and a hostel friend. I highly recommend the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Verdict: everyone needs to see Venice before they die.

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