Top 5 things I refuse to spend money on

I ‘m definitely not a stingy person, I spend far too much money on obvious things such as clothes, jewellery and travel to qualify as a tight-wad. But the idea of paying top dollar for certain things brings out the Ebeneezer Scrooge in me, and here are five of them:

1. Pyjamas
I fail to see the point of splashing out on clothes reserved for the inside of your bedroom. I currently sleep in a $7 cotton nightie I got at Kmart. Some of my Peter Alexander loving friends argue that ugly pajamas aren’t conducive to certain night time bedroom activities. I argue that no clothes are conducive to those kinds of night time bedroom activities. I have another friend who regularly sleeps in a hideous faded grey Melbourne Demons ‘Runners Up’ t shirt from 2000 AFL Grand Final and I love her for it.

2. Cleanser
Cleanser is glorified soap for your face that inevitably gets washed down the drain (with your money). I use a big tub of chemist brand aquaeous cream to wash my face and see no difference between when I use that and when I use little sachets of Dermalogica they hand out for free at department stores.

3. Lunch
I haaaaaate buying lunch on work days. It’s always overpriced and crap, so I always opt bring from home. On days when I forget my lunch I try to avoid buying at all costs so generally exist on the communal office milo or make the staff morning tea cupcakes from Coles last all day. Slightly extreme yes. Evidently I also hate the idea of buying expensive plastic containers (Tupperware I’m looking at you) so I use ex-take away containers that often leak salad juice into my handbag. A small price to pay.

4. Mascara
This falls into the same category as cleanser. Paying $30 more for Estee Lauder mascara isn’t going to make any difference to my eye lashes. Contrary to the ads there really is no such thing as ‘lash defining technology’ or a wand that ‘wraps each lash to make them appear 3000% longer’. In my teens I did a tiny bit of modelling (before I was washed-up, age 17) and every makeup artist I came across used and swore by the same Maybelline Great Lash mascara. So I use that.

5. Petrol
Petrol is one of the most boring things to spend money on along with parking and going to the doctor But I also loathe public transport. So to get around this I moved to a regional centre in Western Australia called Kalgoorlie where I drive no further than 5km per day and hence only fill up with petrol about once a month*. Worth it.

What do you hate spending money on?

(* I actually moved here for a job. I would not recommend moving here for the petrol savings alone)

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2 Responses to Top 5 things I refuse to spend money on

  1. I totally agree with you on the pyjama thing, I just sleep in track pants and a T-shirt for winter, undies and T-shirt for summer. I don’t even own pyjamas as I can’t bring myself to spend the money on them when any old thing will do for sleeping. As long as I’m comfortable that’s all I care about!

  2. RavynG says:

    1.) I hate to spend money on manicures/nails (not pedicures however which at my age I can’t be a contortionist anymore to do a proper job of!) I buy the OPI for $10 a bottle but why should I bring MY BOTTLE to have someone else charge me $30 to paint my fingernails?

    2.) I also HATE HATE HATE paying someone to shampoo, condition, color or cut my hair. First of all they NEVER do what I want done, (if I wanted flat, straight limp hair with a bad cut I would get a bus driver to do it!) I never like the products they use, nor would I ever spend that kind of money on them even if I did like them (–which is why I never take free samples or use the hotel gifts just in case I fall in love with something I will never have again.) My husband is great with cutting/trimming/perming my hair and I have been coloring/conditioning/highlighting/whatever since I was 15-I have longer experience in cosmetology than most of these girls have been on earth. And why should I have to tip someone for doing what I thought I was paying them to do anyway?

    Finally the thing I hate most…

    3.) I HATE buying “feminine products” every month. THEY ARE MADE OF PAPER PEOPLE! How much should that cost? You soil them and throw them away. Fortunately, at 49 I keep hoping every box of 18 (WHO thought up that particular number to put in a box anyway?) for $7 I buy will be the last one. Every month I get the message-not yet.


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