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Bank Street Pizza, Avenel

What’s better than crisp apple cider, great company, wood fired pizza and a garden in which to enjoy all of this? Pretty much nothing. That’s why it’s absolutely worth the hour and a half drive from Melbourne to Avenel to … Continue reading

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5 reasons why Napoli is not as terrible as people say

So Napoli doesn’t have the best reputation. I’ve often heard people say it’s not at all worth the trip, that it’s dirty and dangerous and has nothing going for it (read: ‘Why no one wants to travel to Naples’). But … Continue reading

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Eating my way around Melbourne – Part 2

Wednesday On Wednesday Tarn and I hit up Proud Mary in Collingwood for some delicious breakfast at about 1pm. Such a relief not to have to race to get breakfast before it stops at the premature time of 11am or … Continue reading

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Pizza Night

My new housemate Bec has many talents. One of which is making incredible pizza dough. (her name is also Rebecca, I haven’t started referring to myself in the third person… yet) Last Thursday night we had some friends over, cooked … Continue reading

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Welcome to Travel Tuesdays: Venice

Welcome to the first edition of Travel Tuesdays! First up, Venice: People will tell you it’s overrated. Crowded in summer. Miserable in winter. But I honestly don’t think i’ve ever been anywhere are magical as Venice. With every corner turned … Continue reading

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