Eating my way around Melbourne – Part 2


On Wednesday Tarn and I hit up Proud Mary in Collingwood for some delicious breakfast at about 1pm. Such a relief not to have to race to get breakfast before it stops at the premature time of 11am or noon (lame Kalgoorlie establishments I’m looking at you).


This scrumptious mess is avocado on toast with tabouleh, corn, chilli oil and goats cheese.


This is a flat white. Which appears to be out of focus. Derp.

Thankfully we were able to work up hunger again by trawling op shops (unsuccessfully) because dinner had already been planned.

We went to Baby in Richmond for pizza and a lot of wine.


We had calamari and cured meats to start, followed by three (gluten free!) pizzas. One had prawns, another had eggplant, basil and cheese and the other one had salami (can you tell I’m just guessing from the photos? I did mention there was a lot of wine).

Baby Pizza


We did the awkward “Can you take our photo?” thing with the waiter which wasn’t awkward at all seeing as he was a really sweet friend of Tarn’s. Phew.


Cute, right?! We had planned to hit the town hard but with full bellies and hazy heads we went back to Claire’s house and this happened:


That is a 1.2kg tub of gummi bears in Tarn’s lap. Shortly after this photo we curled up in Claire’s bed and watched Magic Mike. A perfect evening.

You’d better believe there is more eating to come…

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6 Responses to Eating my way around Melbourne – Part 2

  1. frenchadele says:

    Naw…I want to be hanging wit’ you gals!

  2. Hannah says:

    Stop it. SO HANGRY! That breakfast mashup looks amazing xoxo

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