Eating my way around Melbourne – Part 1

This is a series with many parts. How many exactly? I do not know.

I was in Melbourne all last week and whilst there I did what I always do: cram as much good food into my time there and mouth as physically possible.


Choosing to skip breakfast entirely (a waste of good stomach space) I jumped on a tram and met my Dad in the city for lunch. We went to Hare and Grace, on the corner of Collins and King. Dad somehow knows the chef (from many long liquid lunches I suspect…) who sent over some Champagne to start with. Athankyou.


We also got gifted a delicious heirloom tomato salad.


And then this bad boy arrived at the table.


A two-tiered, 100% wagyu beef burger with fries AND onion rings.


Dad had a steak. His face is not usually that red, I blame the reflection from the shirt/tie combo and my crappy iPhone photography.


With peas and fries.



I was completely stuffed (didn’t even finish my fries or the burger bun, disgraceful) and spent the rest of the day shopping with Tarn before meeting my sister to see her friend’s Comedy Festival show. On the way there we saw this:


OMG! A text-speak explanation of Easter. I love it when churches try to be relevant haha.

Sarah and I had planned to go to dinner after the (very hilarious) show, but unfortunately I was still completely stuffed from the burger. Clearly my stomach was still warming up at this stage. So we parted ways. But not to worry, plenty more eating to come…

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