Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

Well, we didn’t actually eat any peaches but we did eat a lot. On Good Friday I flew to Melbourne, was picked up by my sister and after accidentally heading towards Bendigo for a while we made it back on track to Euroa.

I had the best, most relaxing time hanging out with Mum and Sarah. We were then joined by Tarn and Claire who lovingly schlepped all the way on a Vline bus (with a million Easter eggs) to be there. Claire got to feed the hens and collect the eggs, a big moment in any city gal’s life no doubt.



Charlie wondered why he wasn’t invited.


CARBS. That night we headed to the local pub and terrorised the locals. Upon returning home at 2am Claire and I devoured a baguette stuffed with mashed sweet potato, eye fillet and brie. Best drunk food ever. Only at my Mum’s house.


On Sunday we sang Mariah Carey all the way to the Chocolate Apple Factory where my sister proceeded to pose like a pro with some tractors.


Tarn jumped in.


We then returned home and spent the rest of the day eating watching season one of Call The Midwife. So. Good. Mum loved it as she did her nurse training in London (not quite as far back as the 1950s, obv). Monday was equally relaxed until we sadly headed back on the road to Melbourne, the right way this time.

Little did I know the eating had only just begun…

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