The Ball

The Ball was the weekend before Easter. The night after the Retro Lawn Party. This post has been waiting in the wings for ages, waiting for motivation to strike. I know I’ve said this before but I often wonder about this blog and its usefulness. But I’ll leave that for another time because that is a depressing topic that the Ball does not deserve to be associated with. Because the ball was AWEsome.

Being female with normal to accelerated levels of narcissism, we started getting ready at noon. We being my housemates Bec, Elly (who is new to the house as well as this blog, welcome) and myself. One of Elly’s coworkers slash a former hairdresser came to do our hair. Fancy.


We sat around the kitchen table, listened to music, gossiped (probably, I can’t really remember) and had a glass or two of sparkling. Very Steel Magnolias. After our hair we cursed the fact we had hours to kill and couldn’t lie down for fear of crushing our ‘dos. Rookie error. Never mind, there was tan to be administered and false eye lashes to be applied, ripped off and re-applied.


We then headed over to our FRIEND Jordan’s house for some drinks and a photo session. After scouting some locations which best caught the evening light I hustled everyone into position and went to town, photographically speaking.


Vanessa, Bec, Bec and Elly.



Looking dapper.
The boys, who no doubt threw on their suits, brushed off the kebab crumbs from spring racing season and were ready in 10 minutes compared to our 5 hours.

ball twos


Bec wore a dress of mine purchased in London. I wore a $5 bargain from the op shop. Elly’s dress is Kookai and Vanessa wore Sass & Bide.


Kalgoorlie Klass.


The below picture is a hilarious GIF that appears not to be moving. Gosh darn interwebs. If anyone knows how to make it move without clicking on it please let me know!


We headed to the venue and that’s where my photography starts to go rapidly downhill. The theme was ‘Majestic’ and the committee did a great job classing-up what is actually an indoor basketball court.



Jordan appearing to take a micro nap while I tuck into entree.



There were dancers, a high rollers auction, a moment on stage with a ‘hypnotist’ whom I told my name was Consuela, a band, more dancing and a knee dislocation (my left). But most importantly, there was…..


A photo booth!! Our fridge is now looking sufficiently decorated. A most excellent night. As every primary school principal has said about every fete in every newsletter ever written ‘A good time was had by all’. Except my left knee. I’m still limping.

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10 Responses to The Ball

  1. Lauren C-H says:

    Right knee? Or left knee? Make up your mind, Consuela!

  2. katypotaty says:

    Wait, what? Left or right knee, lovely?

  3. Hannah says:

    Ya’ll look so darn fancy! Hope your knee gets better soon!

    • Bec says:

      Thanks lady! It’s all back to normal now 🙂 even did a spin class on Monday, was totally out of breath, but my knee was fine!

  4. Jessie says:

    Mega pretty Bec! Also I adore your mate Vanessa’s dress, any idea where it’s from?


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