Travel Tuesday: 7 things you probably did in Prague

We all like to think we had a unique travel experience, dined at a ‘tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe down a lane way in Paris’ or discovered an ‘underground gallery so obscure and unique it didn’t have a gift shop’ (fools! the gift shop is the best part). But the fact is, unless you make a concerted effort to stray from the well worn path, you will simply end up ticking a bunch of must-see destination boxes plenty of other people have ticked before you. There is nothing wrong with this.

There have been some places I’ve been where I managed to do or see something a bit different, but not in Prague. In Prague I traipsed the tourist trail like a pro, ticked those boxes and had a wonderful time.

Here’s what I did (and what you probably did too):

1. Stood in Wenceslas Square and thought ‘so this is where good Kind Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen…’ And then got the Christmas carol stuck in your head.


Deep and crisp and even.

2. Waited for this clock to chime and then wondered what the big deal was:


Strategically taken photo that doesn’t show the 5000 other people waiting for the clock.

What is the big deal? The view from the clock’s tower was actually really great though:





3. Dodged literally hundreds of other tourists to cross the Charles Bridge:


4. Checked out the brick faced babies:


Oh modern art…

5. Visited the Communism Museum and enjoyed the irony of its placement atop Macdonalds:


Capitalism underneath communism! Oh the juxtaposition!


Diet coke please

6. Posed for a photo in front of the Lennon Wall:



That hair…

And looked for the dirtiest/strangest scrawled on graffiti:


Friends ARE like potatoes

7. Did that pub crawl with the ‘power hour’ of free drinks at the start, the one that ended in a 5 storey nightclub. You probably still have the free tshirt they gave you and sometimes wear it to bed:


But it doesn’t matter how generic your Prague experience was, because it is a beautiful, fascinating and fun place to be.




Have you been to Prague? Did you do all these things?

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12 Responses to Travel Tuesday: 7 things you probably did in Prague

  1. Lauren says:

    Yes! All the things! Also castle tour and all the spots from the INXS video clip for “Never tear us apart” (well, the Jewish cemetery) And had my drink spiked at the first stop on the pub crawl, on NYE…

  2. Alexis Harris says:

    I was there NYE so I missed a couple of those things, look forward to going back to tick some boxes!! Although you missed out the pub where you drink as much beer as you can in a time frame while they display the quantities consumed at each table, and the sex toy museum (which was kinda cool then got pretty weird…..)

  3. Hahaha loved your commentary! Sometimes it’s fun to do the generic things every tourist does in a particular city — if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right? I also saw the astronomical clock and partied at the five story nightclub… and then proceeded to walk back to our hostel at like 3 in the morning. Fun times! Prague is seriously so beautiful though; I’ve always said if I went back to Europe, I’d definitely pay Prague another visit.

    • Bec says:

      It is so beautiful! We got so lucky with the weather, it was late October (I only remember because we were exchange students from Vienna and met up with Prague exchange students and went to a Halloween party in nightclub that was once a church?!) and the weather was cool and crisp but sunny.

  4. MK says:

    I loved Prague!! Definitely up in my top 5 of European cities ❤

  5. I did most of those things, but not all of them! No 5-storey nightclub for me, although we did go to a bar and drink more real absinthe than we should have (it’s just so fun watching them light the sugar on fire!)

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