An average Wednesday night

Good evening. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Lady Shadow:


“Just feed me, incompetent human”

My neighbours have entrusted me with feeding her until they return. Until I was tasked with dishing out a can of Fancy Feast every evening, Lady Shadow wanted nothing to do with me. She gave me nothing but icy cold blue stares from over the fence. But now she (eventually) runs over to meet me and brushes up against my legs, but only after I pretend to leave without feeding her. It’s a complex relationship. She is gorgeous.

This evening Lady Shadow dined on Filet of Chicken, which incidentally, I shall also be dining on. Only my chicken dinner will smell a whole lot better and will be wrapped in a tortilla, doused with hot sauce and importantly, not scraped from a can. I’m trying to be healthy so I bought light cheese, an odd choice seeing as I abhor low fat dairy. Beauty is pain.

In other news, my housemate Bec has been doing pretty things to the garden:



She planted pansies in the random horse trough thingy. Our backyard is home to a lot of strange items…


It looks delightful. I’ve seen people put pansies in salads, which I won’t be doing. I doubt Bec would appreciate me eating her plants.

We are now on a downhill slope to the weekend. I’m attempting to make it to Melbourne again; my flight last Friday afternoon was cancelled due to an engine problem. The plane lost power as we were sitting on the tarmac and thankfully not in the air. Six hours later we were told we wouldn’t be going anywhere. Air travel is a lot like wifi in that respect, when it’s good it’s great but when it fails it’s AWFUL #firstworldproblems.

How’s your Wednesday night looking? More importantly, how’s the weekend outlook?

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4 Responses to An average Wednesday night

  1. Those eyes! I’m quite similar, feed me and you’ll find me in a much more amorous state!
    Yay weekend! St Kilda best and fairest fri and I’m thinking maybe a picnic Sunday arvo in Albert Park.
    Hope you make it to Melbs 🙂 x

    • Bec says:

      Sounds like a fun weekend, I wish I had Melbourne at my disposal every weekend! Hopefully this short trip will keep me going for a while (if I get there!). I don’t have a lot planned, mostly catching up with family and friends and eating delicious food. Have a good one (when it finally rolls around) xx

  2. whatharveywore says:

    My Wednesday evening was spent watching Louis Thereoux episodes and eating far too much chocolate, not a bad way to spend the night!
    My weekend should be lovely, have a present ready for fathers day and plans that involve wine.
    Fingers crossed you make it to Melbourne. The weather has been lovely here.

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