Liebster Awards

Liebster Awards

Liebster Awards are like chain emails in the blogging world, you get tagged, answer some questions and then send some blog-love back out into the interwebs. I have been nominated by the lovely Liz from I Spy Plum Pie (a must read if you are a food loving vegetarian).

As Liz said “you’re supposed to answer the questions given by the person before, then ask 10 questions of your own and nominate some other bloggers to answer them! It’s a lovely way to find some new blogs to read too!”

Here are my answers to Liz’s questions:

1. If you had a mild super power, what would you choose?

Well I was going to say invisibility, but I’m not actually sure what the benefit of that would be… I suppose I could overhear some juicy conversations but still, probably not worth it. Actually, I’d want to be able to eat everything I want in humongous quantities without gaining weight. Is that incredibly vain of me? Oh well!

2. What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten?

Umm kangaroo tail cooked on a fire. It still looked very much like part of a kangaroo and still gives me nightmares.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you choose?

Well this is just cruel! Anywhere in Italy, or maybe Paris? Or somewhere in South America I’ve never been before! Or the States! This is hard, I have very itchy feet at the moment.

4. Cheese or chocolate?

And the cruelty continues. I love cheese and I love chocolate. So, cheese.

5. Do you have a noise you can’t stand?

The scraping of cutlery on other cutlery or on bowls and plates *shudder*.

6. What’s your drink of choice?

Champagne (preferably) or sparkling wine. Always.

7. Worst job you’ve ever had?

I lasted one shift in a call centre selling newspaper subscriptions to the Sunday Telegraph. As a result I am never rude to telemarketers now! It was awful.

8. What (or who) is guaranteed to make you laugh?

Old school Simpsons episodes. I’m currently re-watching the likes of season 4 and 5. Nothing beats those early episodes, unfortunately the later seasons went seriously down hill. I can’t watch the more recent stuff, so cringe worthy.

9.  Do you have a party trick? If not, what’s the best party trick you’ve seen?

No but recently I saw a guy try and fail hilariously at doing the worm. It was a painful looking reenactment of a beached dolphin.

10. Backstreet Boys, 5ive or N*Sync?

Backstreet Boys, purely for the Backstreets Back music video.

I nominate:

Em from Emily Braham
Kara from Mind Klosett
Ibbs from The Lobster and Me
Felicity from Pursuit of Felicity
Caitlin from Caitlin Rakers Photography
Kaz from Daisy Scented Dreams

Your questions:

1. What’s your most embarrassing memory to date?
2. If you could be invisible or fly, which would you choose?
3. Would you rather knowingly eat ox tongue or unknowingly eat lambs brain?
4. If you could live to 1000 years old, would you? Why/why not?
5. What’s your favourite annual holiday and why?
6. Would you rather walk around with your skirt tucked into your knickers for half a day or walk around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe for an entire day?
7. Name one item you always have in your fridge?
8. You can only save Beyonce or Taylor Swift, who and why?
9. Where is your most favourite destination in the world?
10. On a scale of 1-10 how annoying have these questions been?

Looking forward to seeing your answers!

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4 Responses to Liebster Awards

  1. Felicity says:

    Great post! Thanks for tagging me too hun. 🙂 xx

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