BBQ pulled pork sandwiches


I’d never even heard of pulled pork the first time I had it. I was in Williams, Arizona on Route 66 on the way to the Grand Canyon. We went into some place on the main street and the pulled pork was outstanding.


Williams Main Street.

Anyway, after one disastrous attempt at making it (the butcher gave me the wrong cut and I ended up wasting about $40 of meat…) I was determined to get it right. We used 1kg of pork shoulder or ‘pork forequarter’.

My friend Dave sent me this recipe which basically involves throwing everything into a slow cooker and walking away. My kind of cooking.


I put the slow cooker on at 2pm in the hopes of having pulled pork for dinner, which was a bit ambitious. So we ended up having it for Sunday lunch, after a good 22 hours of cooking.

This is what we got after 22 hours:



Delicious, melt in your mouth, gooey, sticky, sweet pork.


Mouth watering

We had it in rolls with crunchy cabbage and pickles.


It was amazing! Well worth the wait. How was your weekend?

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4 Responses to BBQ pulled pork sandwiches

  1. mindklosett says:

    I made pulled pork last night too!! Well, yesterday afternoon 🙂 I make it for my BFs lunches though so he can use it up until Thursday. That looks SO deliciously good. I’ll have to give that recipe a whirl. How good are Slow Cookers? It’s as though you’re having something particulary fancy with minimal effort required. Best.

    – KK

    • Bec says:

      It was SO deliciously good! Slow cookers are great but I found myself checking it every hour or so like I do when I make jelly! I’m so impatient! Well worth the wait though 🙂

  2. Yumm!! I don’t think I would have the patience. I’m that person that stands by the pot while it boils, this would drive me crazy!

    • Bec says:

      Trust me, I am the MOST impatient person in the world. I must have checked on the slow cooker at least 30 times on Saturday alone, all the while complaining to my boyfriend that it didn’t look like pulled pork yet…

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