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My favourite places from our 16 month trip

Since returning home, everyone has asked “What was your favourite pla… oh you probably don’t have one!”. Incorrect. Obviously we had many wonderful experiences but I have absolutely no problem ranking them! I prepped my answer long before we returned. … Continue reading

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15 things I’ve learnt since quitting my job to travel one year ago

It’s been exactly one year since we quit our jobs, sold everything and flew out of Melbourne airport with laughably vague plans to travel indefinitely. In that year we’ve visited 16 countries in the Americas and tonight we are flying … Continue reading

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The bluest water: kayaking in Caye Caulker

Somehow this post got lost in the ether of my WordPress account and was never posted?! It details a glorious afternoon of kayaking around beautiful Caye Caulker in Belize.

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Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker is dreamy. What’s not to love about a postage stamp sized Caribbean island, crammed with swaying palm trees, pastel weatherboard houses and surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water? Oh and the food? Delicious. The locals? Charming with amazing … Continue reading

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6 things that surprised me about El Salvador

I should preface this list by saying that I had zero expectations of El Salvador. We weren’t planning to go there, I hadn’t read about it at all and so the things that surprised me might not surprise a traveller who … Continue reading

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Nicaragua: Granada, Leon & volcano boarding

After San Juan Del Sur we took a myriad of chicken buses inland, at times running from one bus to another while both were still moving with a man yelling at as to “VAMOS! VAMOS! VAMOS!” (“come on” or “let’s … Continue reading

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San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

What’s better than a town with a one word name? A town with a four word name. San Juan of the south (as it translates to in English) is a charming, if not gringo infested, surfing town in southern Nicaragua. It’s known for its … Continue reading

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Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

My boyfriend is a geologist and our travel buddy Niki is a geologist (they worked together), so part of Central America was always going to be about volcanoes. Volcanoes being the most exciting part of geology, apparently. We kicked off … Continue reading

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Honestly, I didn’t love Costa Rica

Costa Rica. Such an exotic name that evokes images of windswept palm trees, crystal clear blue water and the smell of coconut oil. I think a lot of Costa Rica’s mystique stems from its mention in popular culture as the … Continue reading

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Panama City sloth

Our San Blas Islands trip finished just near Panama City and after a wild Jeep trip through the jungle that could have been mistaken for the Indiana Jones ride at Disney Land, we arrived at our hostel near Ancon hill. On … Continue reading

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