Panama City sloth


Our San Blas Islands trip finished just near Panama City and after a wild Jeep trip through the jungle that could have been mistaken for the Indiana Jones ride at Disney Land, we arrived at our hostel near Ancon hill. On the hill is a reserve so it’s not uncommon to see sloths in the area. Well.

On our last day we were walking down the street and our friend Courtney let out a squeal and yelled “SLOTH”. We looked where she was pointing and sure enough, there was the internet’s favourite meme animal lumbering slowly up a tree. We stood, craning our necks, watching the little guy for ages.


So cute

And that, folks, was the highlight of Panama City.

We did go to see the canal but didn’t want to pay the $15 entrance fee as we could have only stayed there about 20 minutes (we had a bus to catch). So we watched a large ship moving through a lock through the fence until a security guard came and told us to rack off. And that was that.


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