The cheap European beach paradise you’ve never heard of

Anyone who has looked into spending time on a beach over the European summer has heard of the big names; Capri and Sorrento in Italy, Nice in France, the Greek Islands etc. But what if I told you there was a relatively untapped azure paradise wedged between all those places, that costs very little to visit?

It exists! I’m talking about Dhërmi in Albania.


aka heaven

These photos are technically from Drymades beach which is here:

Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 3.08.49 PM

You can practically swim to Italy (not recommended)

Now a lot of people don’t consider Albania as a holiday destination because from 1944 to 1991 it was under strict communist rule and isolated from the rest of the world, much like North Korea today. But Albania has been a republic for 25 years now and has some absolutely stunning landscapes.


The majority of people holidaying here are Albanian and the beaches certainly aren’t sardined with umbrellas and sun lounges like in Greece and Italy. The water is stunningly clear and blue and behind the beach is the most amazing mountain range. Best of both worlds!


Drymades Beach



If you walk north from Drymades beach towards the headland and through a window in the rock you get to a tiny beach with good snorkelling.

DSCN4208 DSCN4214 DSCN4218


It’s as clear as a swimming pool


We you get tired of snorkelling there is a cute restaurant just back through the hole in the rock where you can sit and eat with this incredible view:



Salad and moussaka (not traditional Albanian food)




How to get there: We took a bus from Sarande (the largest city in the south) to Drymades beach for 700 lek/5 euros. It’s impossible to book in advance or find the bus times online, you just have to go into the town and ask each bus where they are headed.

Where we stayed: We stayed at Sea Turtle Camping which provides tents, mattresses, sheets, pillows, showers, toilets, wifi, breakfast AND dinner for 1200 lek (8.70 euros!!).


Sea Turtle Camping


Sunset on Drymades beach

Go before everyone else does!

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5 Responses to The cheap European beach paradise you’ve never heard of

  1. Lynne O'Brien says:

    Sublime! How are you ever going to settle back here? I’ve loved your blog so very much, you’ve taken me to places I would otherwise never have seen. So very grateful for every insight you have given. Safe travels!

  2. courtalkek says:

    That water is so pretty! I loved all your Insta stories from there. I wanted to jump right through the screen.

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  4. I am British but I permanently live in Greece. In the last 2 years, I have traveled to Albania over 12 times and I love the country! I can honestly say that if you are looking for a place for pure relaxation then Albania is your best choice! I am trying to promote the tourism in Albania by having started to create this website (which is still under construction):

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