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Here we are. It’s 2020, bushfires are raging all over my country and it feels like we are on the brink of World War III. What a time to be alive! I’ve just returned to Melbourne and work from a … Continue reading

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The last Friday before Christmas

Happy holidays! How’s your week been? Have you finished buying presents? Someone played ‘All I want for Christmas for you’ by Mariah Carey OUT LOUD in the office on Wednesday. That should be illegal. I couldn’t get the tune out … Continue reading

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Christmas 2016

One of the best things about celebrating Christmas early with half your family (see last post) is that when it’s over, ‘real’ Christmas is still around the corner! It all started on Christmas Eve with a festive breakfast at my … Continue reading

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Family Beach Christmas 2016

Every year my dad’s side of the family celebrate Christmas the weekend before the 25th. We all converge at a beach house near the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and eat, drink, swim, play games, sing, heckle one another … Continue reading

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Christmas 2014: Part 2

I had a delightfully lazy Christmas morning opening gifts, eating smoked salmon and speaking with family and friends while Love Actually played in the background. At noon I packed my car with decorations, gifts, a cheesecake and an Esky (cooler … Continue reading

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Christmas 2014: Part 1

Eat. Drink. Feel full. Repeat. That’s how the last four days have been. It all kicked off on Christmas Eve with Lauren and Dave’s cocktail party. The dining room table was like a battleground of spirits. With a plate of Lauren’s … Continue reading

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Twas the night before Christmas

We made it! Work is done, shops are shut, I couldn’t do anything more if I wanted to. My chocolate gingerbread cheesecake is in the oven (and smells divine! recipe here): the blinis for tonight are done: And now I’m … Continue reading

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A letter to Santa from me, aged 7

I found this letter I wrote to Santa Claus a few years ago at my Mum’s house. I’m not sure but I think I must have been about 7 at the time. Clearly no one had taught me how to … Continue reading

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Decorating the Christmas tree

For the first time in my life I’ve erected a Christmas tree in my home in November. I don’t know what to think or if it even counts because it’s plastic (which I hate). But still. I’m away in Brisbane … Continue reading

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The best thing about an Australian Christmas

The food. Better endless sunshine, better than being at the beach or in the pool all day and better than round after round of backyard cricket is the amazingly fresh produce that comes with an Australian Christmas. We can’t have … Continue reading

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