Christmas 2014: Part 1

Eat. Drink. Feel full. Repeat. That’s how the last four days have been.

It all kicked off on Christmas Eve with Lauren and Dave’s cocktail party.



The dining room table was like a battleground of spirits. With a plate of Lauren’s delicious home made gingerbread thrown in for good measure.



Emily and I


So Christmassy

A team of dedicated mixologists worked hard in the dining room to circulate weird and wonderful cocktails among the party goers. The worst of which was a small step up form Listerine and the best, an orangey Christmassy Fireball concoction.



Andrew and I


Dave, Em, Lecki and Meg.


Pretty lights.


Champagne cocktail


Dave at work


Trying to pose with Biz. Such a diva.


Lecki, Me and Em

After some drinks we all tottered off home as jolly as the big man in red himself. It was a fabulous prelude to Christmas Day. Thanks for having us!

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2 Responses to Christmas 2014: Part 1

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Hi Bec, I have got to say as an old dad you and your friends have restored my faith in you young people dressing with class elegance and sophistication. Given what the media passes off as fashionable these days they need to showcase you and your friends. It also nice to see blokes in vests and ties. Very classy all of you.

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