Christmas 2014: Part 2

I had a delightfully lazy Christmas morning opening gifts, eating smoked salmon and speaking with family and friends while Love Actually played in the background.


At noon I packed my car with decorations, gifts, a cheesecake and an Esky (cooler for those who aren’t Australian) and headed off to Anthea and Scot’s place. I was in charge of table settings:



Scot whipped us up a couple of rounds of Singapore Slings:


And after a little while lunch was ready:


That meat.



We piled our plates high with two kinds of ham, turkey, a ‘turporducken’ (a chicken inside a duck, inside a size 50 semi boneless turkey with ground pork as stuffing AND pork belly in there somehow), potato bake, cauliflower cheese, tomatoes, beans, more potatoes and a pesto pasta salad.


My plate


Lauren’s plate

I ate myself into something beyond a food coma. As we sat there digesting, one little artist went to work making us all our own Christmas signs.


So adorable.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m super full I like to engage in activities that involve jumping onto my bloated stomach and sliding along the ground. So it was time to bust out the slip and slide!


Jack and Luke

Which was soon invaded by the adults.


I opted to stay dry, at least on the outside, and dug around in the Esky for my bottle of festive looking Chandon.


I love stripes!

They should make the bottles like this all the time.



A paper hat that fits my giant head?! Unheard of.


Present time!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dave look so excited:




Scot and Anth


Lauren got a hilarious adult version of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’

Pudding time!


Traditional pud


My chocolate gingerbread cheesecake went down well.


Anth’s pav

There were also raspberry tarts and a delicious Baileys chocolate roulade made by Lecki. I probably say this every year but I don’t think I’ve ever felt more full in my life. I had to lie down. And then go home to bed at about 9pm. What a glutton. I guess that’s what Christmas is about. How was your Christmas?

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4 Responses to Christmas 2014: Part 2

  1. Lauren C-H says:

    I want to eat it all again!

  2. Oh Hey! Blog says:

    Sign me up for a turporducken. OMG

  3. Patrick Caruana says:

    Bec as a Geelong Football Club supporter you bottle of Chandon is just THE BEST !!!!

  4. Alexis Harris says:

    I felt the same joy about giant paper crowns. It’s a good feeling.
    So much good food and Christmas Cheer!

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