A letter to Santa from me, aged 7

I found this letter I wrote to Santa Claus a few years ago at my Mum’s house. I’m not sure but I think I must have been about 7 at the time. Clearly no one had taught me how to spell ‘Barbie’ yet. Or how to write in a straight line.

Bec santa letter

Seriously, learn how to spell.


A few things, firstly, how is it that I knew how to spell ‘picnic’ (still so tempting to put a ‘k’ in there…) and not ‘Barbie’?! Secondly, wtf is a Puggle? Google tells me it’s a cross between a beagle and a pug but designer hybrid dogs didn’t exist in the mid nineties. And finally, “Ps I love you!”?! Go me for trying to emotionally blackmail Santa.

This does raise a few questions: where did I send the letter to? Clearly not the North Pole, because I never did get my Barbie dream house, picnic van (a van just for picnic-ing?! Amazing) or Puggles. Also, did I abbreviate ‘Christmas’ to ‘X-Mas’ in a nod to blasphemy? Or was I just lazy?

Do kids still write letters to Santa? Did you?

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5 Responses to A letter to Santa from me, aged 7

  1. Kaz says:

    Oh I remenber Puggles. They were a strange looking soft toy that came in a bag you could carry them about in. Google ‘Puggle toy’ and you will find them 😀

  2. Oh Hey Blog says:

    Kids probably send a tweet to Santa!

  3. Claudia Wood says:

    Lol at the tweet! ^ I wrote letters to Santa, my mother has just told me she kept some, how deceiving of her. The other ones I would witness her put in the ‘North Pole’ thing at the Post Office. I often wonder where they go.

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