Why I’m the biggest hypocrite of all time*

(And by that title I mean physically the largest and most bloated hypocrite*)

Remember before Christmas, how I was all like ‘eat! drink! and be merry!’ and poked fun at articles with obscene tips for not putting on weight over the festive season? Well, the joke is on me. I may have taken too large a swig of my own advice and gained somewhere in the vicinity of 5kg. I KNOW.

I feel so gross and sluggish and like I’m suffocating in my own clothes (probably because I am). But mostly I feel mad at myself for indulging in the biggest rein-loosening of my life. Well, that could be untrue, I’ve never actually weighed myself before and after Christmas so I have no idea how much flab I usually end up with come January. Also the rein-loosening began long before Christmas on my Bali holiday.

But not to worry, I am well and truly back on the diet and exercise wagon and although I am finding it frustrating, this little gadget is making quite a difference:


A heart rate monitor watch! A most useful present gifted to me from my father. Never before have I been able to so accurately track my burnt calories. It’s rather addictive. I’ve been using it during Spin classes and find myself looking down at my watch so frequently it’s any wonder I haven’t ended up with whiplash. (the above photo was taken after a warm up, weights session and Spin class)

So I’m hoping this advanced piece of exercise machinery will keep me on-track until the final remnants of cheese, pudding and champagne have disappeared from my person. I’m already down a kilo, let’s hope I continue in the right direction.

Got any tips for me? How do you deal with the post Christmas carnage?

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