It’s the Friday before a long weekend

Do you a) mentally clock off before 9am and spend the entire morning struggling until you accidentally stray into the weird part of YouTube, freak out and swiftly retreat to the safety of those spreadsheets you should have filed hours ago?

b) send passive aggressive emails about the state of the staff kitchen/recent spate of fridge thefts in order to look busy?

c) have a completely normal work day other than the fact that you are wearing some kind of novelty item/strange office attire.

As you can see I went with c) and wore a beer shirt to the office:


Vailima is Samoa’s ‘very own’ beer, so essentially I’m wearing a glorified Bintang singlet. The impending Australian national holiday must be sullying my wardrobe choices.

Today I also encouraged the corporate violation of Jesus Christ by eating a hot cross bun for breakfast in January. 

hot cross bun

I can’t help that religion tastes so delicious.

Here are some fun things traipsing around on the internets at the moment:

Did you know that Apple had its own clothing line? Those belts are out of control awesome.

If those over sized sweaters aren’t your thing perhaps The 7 Habits of Highly Stylish People will interest you.

How To Throw Things Away Like a God Damn Grown Up has some sage advice for us all.

Do you find yourself saying sorry far too frequently? And not in a “I’m sorry I ran over your cat… twice” way but in a “I’m sorry you spilled coffee down your shirt on your way to a job interview you were already late for and it’s really your own damn fault so I have no idea why I’m apologising” way? Here are 20 Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For according to Elite Daily.

The other day I watched Saving Mr Banks and loved Emma Thompson’s portrayal of P.L Travers, so too did her friend Meryl Streep who said Emma was a ‘rabid, man eating feminist’ just like her in this excellent speech.

If like me you have a significant other who insists on watching American Football in your presence or you plan on watching the Superbowl and still giggle at the term ‘wide receiver’ this video is for you.

In the market for a new iPhone cover? This one is boss.

That’s all folks. Have a great weekend!

PS. Thanks for all the lovely responses and comments on Facebook to my last blog post 10 Things I Love About Living in the Country. Y’all are so kind!

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