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My number one skin care tip

I should probably preface this by saying I am not a dermatologist, a beautician or someone that has any authority on skin apart from having it on my body. I am also not a beauty blogger, but I feel pretty … Continue reading

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Kester Black

My dear friend Miss P from Fossick very kindly gifted me these nail polishes recently. I’ve been keen to try them out but have had Shellac baked onto my nails with a UV light (what a natural, organic process) making it … Continue reading

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To fringe or not to fringe?

If you are looking to read a vaguely intellectual post today I implore you to look away now. ……. are you gone? Good. I’m stuck in a rut. A hair rut to be specific. I acknowledge that it is a privileged and fickle position … Continue reading

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Change, as good as a holiday?

Perhaps not, but it’s always fun to cut off a big chunk of hair. Feels like spring cleaning (speaking of cleaning, my bathroom mirror clearly needs a bit of love). I believe this style is known as a ‘lob’ or a … Continue reading

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