To fringe or not to fringe?

If you are looking to read a vaguely intellectual post today I implore you to look away now.

……. are you gone? Good.

I’m stuck in a rut. A hair rut to be specific. I acknowledge that it is a privileged and fickle position wherein I sit, when the boredom of my hair registers on my ‘things to be concerned about’ radar. But I digress. Every six months or so I go through a mental list of recent hair styles and tick them off; long (tick!) short (tick!) coloured (tick!) fringe…. Hmmm. ‘Perhaps a fringe is the answer?’ I ponder. It is here a google image search often ensues:

(note: I am unwilling to discuss my strange obsession with Rose Byrne and her fringe)

I then way up the pros: something different, will cover my colossal forehead, it’s only hair. And cons: will cover my eyebrows, take forever to grow if I hate it, will be hot in summer (which is pretty much here), and a fringe could take me back to this point in my life:

Me, age unknown. So at this point I usually give up all together and continue on in my rut.

But not this time (hopefully). I have an appointment booked for Saturday. Your advice is greatly appreciated. To fringe or not to fringe?

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5 Responses to To fringe or not to fringe?

  1. My advice is to find a hairdresser you really trust and let them go for their life! That is what I usually do. As for the fringe question, my hairdresser has suggested the compromise fringe to me in the past – I think he called it a demi fringe. Looks less blocky and easier to grow out if you get sick of it.

  2. molliallana says:

    Fringe! I had a similar dilemma nearly a year ago now and was ever so bored with my hair. I also was painfully aware that I look like a child, and the last time I had a fringe was in my infancy.I made the decision to fringe and I have never looked back!

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