Touche Hombre

I’m probably the last of thousands to blog about this restaurant, but as I wait for regional WA to take up Mexican food with the same vigour that Melbourne has (shhyeah right), I may as well reminisce…
About a month ago when I was in Melbourne I ate at Touche Hombre with a very good friend. It was way past lunch time, we were starving and abandoned our plans to eat at misschu thanks to the geographical convenience of TH.

In this gloriously out-of-focus photo is refried bean nachos:

Delicious is probably an understatement. We sated our thirst with Agave Mules, unfortunately I can’t remember what was in them. Berries and ice by the looks of things. And probably tequila.

We finished up with tacos. According to my receipt we had two chicken, one chorizo and one pork. The pork one came with apple and crackling. Inspired.

There you have it, the most vague and possibly out of date restaurant review ever. I always try to eat as much delicious food as possible on my trips home to Melbourne, on the same trip I managed to also squeeze in St Katherine’s, Mutti’s (traditional Austrian-German food, the Kasnocken will blow your mind), macarons at the Lindt cafe and breakfast at The Store.

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