Frappelinis and other weekend adventures

Ever heard of a Frappelini?! I doubt it. They were only invented on Saturday night. My friend and housemate combined blended watermelon with a bottle (or three…) of sparkling wine and thus, the Frappelini was born. They bubble like something that belongs in a science lab. The name is a combination of my friend’s last name and ‘Bellini’, also a champagne based cocktail. Life. Changing.

On Sunday I got to attend the underground mine rescue competition. We went 900m underground and watched as teams competed in various emergency scenarios. It was incredible. The best past was the trauma makeup. So realistic. Have you ever seen a gruesome shin fracture? See the story I did on it here. If you’re sqeamish probably don’t have a look.

I still don’t have the internet at home… A first world problem yes, but still a problem. What mod-con do you stuggle to live without?

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4 Responses to Frappelinis and other weekend adventures

  1. allthingsfabulousblog says:

    This looks delicious!! Love Anything with watermellon in it! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to trying them :p

  2. Jen says:

    Looks so yummy! I found your blog a couple of months ago and I really like your posts 🙂

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