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10 things I’ve learnt about earthquakes since moving to Kalgoorlie

I live in an earthquake prone area, so far this year we’ve had at least more than 10. The 4.6 magnitude quake in February was the most notable, I walked into the office wondering what on earth I was going … Continue reading

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Frappelinis and other weekend adventures

Ever heard of a Frappelini?! I doubt it. They were only invented on Saturday night. My friend and housemate combined blended watermelon with a bottle (or three…) of sparkling wine and thus, the Frappelini was born. They bubble like something that … Continue reading

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Goodbye Kalgoorlie

I arrived back in Melbourne on Saturday morning after a hellish trip home from Perth- waited 4 hours only to be delayed a further 4 thanks to a violent man who had to be arrested and removed from the plane … Continue reading

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I’ve been in the twin-cities for the last week doing a work experience placement at the daily newspaper while staying with my journalist friend Rania. And I LOVE IT HERE.  Kalgoorlie, for those outside Australia, is a mining town in … Continue reading

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