Goodbye Kalgoorlie

I arrived back in Melbourne on Saturday morning after a hellish trip home from Perth- waited 4 hours only to be delayed a further 4 thanks to a violent man who had to be arrested and removed from the plane meanwhile allowing impenetrable fog to descend.
Finally took off at 4am Perth time and landed in Melbourne 9:30am EST.

Goodbye Kalgoorlie, I daresay I’ll be seeing you again soon…

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2 Responses to Goodbye Kalgoorlie

  1. Glenn Wilson says:

    Hey Rebecca,
    Hope you enjoyed your time here, it is a great spot. Great pics of Hunter, Kal Miner Building ….. and Rania’s Lighter. LOL. Hope you enjoyed your time. If you are back again lets catch up!


  2. raniaspooner says:

    Oh Glenny! Always trying to razzi my lighter and an intern scoops you. See you tomorrow morning bright and early!

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