Sassy Sue’s

Anyone headed to the West Australian Goldfields region soon should not deny themselves a visit to Sassy Sue’s. Why? Because on the main street of Kalgoorlie lies the most impressive collection of vintage clothes, accessories, homewares, books, jewellery and more this side of the country.

Owner Suzanne Pugl is a bone fide collector and (excuse the crass expression) knows her shit. Her vintage collection, some of which borders on antique- note the dress from Coolgardie circa 1904 in the last pic, comes from all over the globe and is sure to impress.
Buying from Sassy Sue’s is like buying your own slice of museum-worthy history.
Hopefully I’ll get to visit again soon.

Also, while standing out the front of the shop I finally felt the blast that happens every afternoon at about 4pm when the mine at the top of the main street (?!) rocks from the explosives used to…. create more mine I guess. Impressive. Feels like a mini earth quake.

Sassy Sue’s 65a-67 Hannah Street, Kalgoorlie WA

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3 Responses to Sassy Sue’s

  1. laurenconradfans1 says:

    The cream dress on the 4th picture; I LOVE!

    Will happily subscribe to your blog 🙂

    Lauren Conrad FANS @

    Mwah X

  2. Johanna tulk says:

    Fantastic shop sue you have done a great job you should have been doing this years ago you should be very prond of yourself.

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