Friday Fast Facts

It’s that time of the week!

Fact: I’ve been so tired this week that my left eye has developed a twitch. It reminds me of the teacher in Daria who suffers stress so severe, his eyes routinely bulge out of his head.
Fact: I’ve felt rather home sick this week with all the action from Flemington dominating traditional and social media. On the other hand I feel this year we’ve seen far more embarrassing drunk photos and footage than usual, which is horrendous. It’s like people forget there are cameras in phones now?! Behave!
Fact: This weekend I get to go on an underground mine tour for work. I’ve never been in a mine. Unless you count the one at Sovereign Hill.
Fact: This weekend I will also track down a copy of Mermaids and Now & Then and have a ‘films that shaped my childhood’ movie night. I encourage you to do the same. I wonder what movies will be on your list?
Fact: I found the perfect nude nail polish last night, not too white, not too pink. I also channelled my 12-year-old self and bought some sparkly pink nail polish. Then I gave myself the following manicure:

I know, I know! What a gripping life I do lead. I bet you’re all jealous!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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4 Responses to Friday Fast Facts

  1. Coralie says:

    What’s the perfect nude nail polish? A brand that is available in France would be a plus, I haven’t found the right one yet!
    And for the barbie pink glitters, I got nothing to say as I’m wearing sparkling gold on my nails right now… Bussi

  2. Coralie says:


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