Kester Black


My dear friend Miss P from Fossick very kindly gifted me these nail polishes recently. I’ve been keen to try them out but have had Shellac baked onto my nails with a UV light (what a natural, organic process) making it impossible. On the weekend I tried them out.

Here’s Peach Melba:



Tutti Frutti:


Excuse the creepy Nana hands…


The polishes went on nice and thick and only needed two coats, perfect for lazy people like me. The other green colour is Ice Cream Soda, currently on my toenails under thick black stockings. You ought to thank me for sparing you a photo of my feet.

Can you see the faint scar on my middle finger? That’s from where my dog broke my finger when I was 15. The story involves a bike, my dog’s lead wrapped too tightly around my hand, flying along at break-neck speed, the dog stopping abruptly and three tiny titanium screws in my third metacarpal. I digress.


Check out those colours! Should put me in good stead for my tropical Samoan holiday, only 2 months away… Do you have any cool scar stories?

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3 Responses to Kester Black

  1. They’re all gorgeous, I really want them all x

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    These polishes are so pretty!

    – KW

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