A soggy Tuesday

We’ve pretty much had thunderstorms every day for the last week. Today was particularly good. The sky got dark, then went red as the dust rolled in backed by fierce wind. Then we got pelted by rain. Then it was all over, just as quickly as it began.

By the time I got home the sun was peeking through the clouds again and rain drops dotted the petals of flowers in my front yard. It’s kind of steamy and humid and everything looks deliciously dewy.


Apologies for the absence, I’ve had bloggers’ block as you can probably tell, seeing as I’m blogging about the weather now. Fascinating.


A fairly unremarkable weekend just passed. The usual timetable of breakfast, shopping, nails, a movie and then a night out. I miss going to places I’ve never been.


I do love having a garden though, that’s for sure.


I did a photo gallery at work today that I rather love. I also ate some delicious chocolate from Burch and Purchese that my colleague’s Mum sent over from Melbourne. Jude is her name, generous Jude, always sending things over.

Well. Until tomorrow.

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6 Responses to A soggy Tuesday

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    The second photo in particular Bec is stunning with all the background you have really done a great job of locking in the focus on the single hanging leaf

  2. Laura says:

    Your mention of Burch and Purchese has inspired me to pay a visit tomorrow :).

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