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What’s new with you? I’m going through a crappy, stressful, tiring patch, just to be completely honest! Looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend. Are you watching the new (last!) season of Girls? I’m so sad it’s going to … Continue reading

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A soggy Tuesday

We’ve pretty much had thunderstorms every day for the last week. Today was particularly good. The sky got dark, then went red as the dust rolled in backed by fierce wind. Then we got pelted by rain. Then it was … Continue reading

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Flowers & Eggs

On Saturday morning I woke up as fresh as a supermarket bouquet daisy, by which I mean I wasn’t hungover, but I had convinced myself I’d heard footsteps in the hallway around 3am so I wasn’t particularly rested. Wilting slightly … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day

Being spoilt: Valentines nails: Movie of choice: In other Marilyn Monroe news I’m very excited about My Life With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams. It comes out on Thursday. And because it’s Travel Tuesday, here’s a photo of me in the … Continue reading

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