My ‘Valentines Eve’ flowers

What’s new with you?

I’m going through a crappy, stressful, tiring patch, just to be completely honest! Looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend.

Are you watching the new (last!) season of Girls? I’m so sad it’s going to be ending, but I watched the first episode with my friend Kate tonight and I loved it. I also loved Vogue’s 73 Questions with Lena Dunham. I went back and read this Q&A with the costume designer from just after season 1, so fun! And the part about Spanx! Fascinating.

I always find it interesting seeing peoples’ feelings on Valentines Day. It’s such a polarising holiday. Andy sent me some ‘Valentines Eve’ flowers as per a joke from our first Valentines Day when I got ‘Friday 13th’ flowers the day before Valentines Day. Very sweet!



My Canadian cousin Sebastian and his girlfriend are visiting at the moment. On the weekend we ate delicious pizza and went looking for kangaroos. We were successful!

I’ve been madly filling out our new house with furniture and decor bits and pieces. We lost a lot when the last two housemates vacated so it was looking very bare. I had two photos from our trip printed as huge posters which I can’t wait to hang, I’ll share photos when I do.

Do you send thank you notes? I got a card, completely unexpectedly, today. It was so lovely and made me wonder why I haven’t sent one in ages. It’s so uplifting to be on receiving end of one, day changing even.


Thank you for reading

Enjoy the rest of the week

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