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What did you have for breakfast?

I’ve always been weirdly voyeuristic about peoples’ morning routines. I have no idea why but I remember as a kid, thoroughly enjoying a random segment on Sesame Street that involved two friends getting ready for their day ahead. I think … Continue reading

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Flowers & Eggs

On Saturday morning I woke up as fresh as a supermarket bouquet daisy, by which I mean I wasn’t hungover, but I had convinced myself I’d heard footsteps in the hallway around 3am so I wasn’t particularly rested. Wilting slightly … Continue reading

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A sunny Melbourne Sunday

On Sunday morning Mum and I woke bright and early at our airbnb apartment and headed to a lane way I’m confident most Melbournians will be familiar with: Yep, we braved the Fathers Day crowds and went to St Ali … Continue reading

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Birthday breakfast

Tired doesn’t even begin to cover it. Last week I went to Esperance for work, came home, spent last Saturday at Fossick Fashion Show HQ, had the childhood heroes party, had my birthday and then four nights and three days … Continue reading

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My top 3 NYC delis

This post was inspired by Hannah‘s NYC eating map. It’s really cool. I wanted in. The following places aren’t particularly hip or unknown, but they are the best. There is nothing I love more than a three-inch thick pastrami sandwich … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Butter Factory

On Sunday I went with Mum to the Euroa Butter Factory for breakfast. Euroa is about an hour and 45 minutes north of Melbourne. The Butter Factory was built in 1901 and is now a gorgeous accommodation/reception/cafe/gallery space surrounded by … Continue reading

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Bacon & Maple Syrup Pancakes

FACT: There is no combination more delicious than bacon and maple syrup. I take it very personally when someone tries to tell me that sweet and savoury can’t be done. Um, salted caramel anyone? Peanut butter and chocolate? So on … Continue reading

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My Weekend in Melbourne

I had the best weekend. I flew to Melbourne on the red eye from Perth on Thursday night. On Friday I hung out with my sister and Mum, we went shopping and had Yum Cha. On Friday night I had … Continue reading

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Things Sundays are good for

An ode to Sundays – Leisurely walking; around a park, around a zoo, around a market, on a beach, just so long as you don’t so much as break a sweat or raise your heart rate above ‘resting’. – DIY … Continue reading

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