Things Sundays are good for

An ode to Sundays

Leisurely walking; around a park, around a zoo, around a market, on a beach, just so long as you don’t so much as break a sweat or raise your heart rate above ‘resting’.
DIY projects; I mean creative ones, under no circumstances should anything involving a roof, tiling, timber, sanding or power tools be undertaken on a Sunday (don’t let anyone else ask for “just one hour!” of your time to sweep the driveway, wait until Monday).
Breakfast as the centrepiece meal Sundays are breakfast’s time to shine. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, feta, tomatoes, waffles, thick rye bread, coffee, tea- at home or your favourite cafe, anything goes. The hardest decision is whether to go sweet or savoury…
Newspapers I’ve ranted about my obsession with sunday newspapers many times before. I don’t think I’ve ever read hard news on a sunday, it’s all features, fashion, travel, design and stuff other people eat.
Post Secret a sunday ritual.
First Birthday Parties I’m going to one this afternoon, yay!

What’s your favourite thing to do on a sunday?

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