DIY neon necklace

My obsession with neon continues…

Sass and Bide necklace and creations from the Queen of neon spray paint, Geneva at A Pair & A Spare. DIY fun doesn’t really get any more simple than this.

Voila! Please excuse the grainy iPhone photo and awkward pursed lips smile I know my sister will give me shit for.

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9 Responses to DIY neon necklace

  1. ❤ looks so graphic and visually attractive

  2. S says:

    Aahahaha my sisters are queens of mocking too. Especially blog picture-expressions!
    This DIY is actually amazing, love the recent projects 🙂

    xx S

    Le Fanciulle

  3. I LOVE this. That’s it, I’m copying you, Bunnings and Spotlight- here I come!

  4. Lola says:

    looks fab! can i ask where you got your rhinestone necklace from?

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  7. dawndancers says:

    Wow that’s gorgeous! I need to make myself one of them to brighten up grey old Britain at this time of year!

    Clare x

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