My Weekend in Melbourne

I had the best weekend.

I flew to Melbourne on the red eye from Perth on Thursday night. On Friday I hung out with my sister and Mum, we went shopping and had Yum Cha. On Friday night I had dinner at Fonda Mexican in Richmond and then saw Rod Stewart (yes, you read right) live in concert at the tennis centre. Bar being asked to sit down while dancing by the woman behind me (a request I politely ignored) it was a great night.

On Saturday I had my gorgeous friend Andie’s engagement party. There I met the lovely Cecylia from the blog by the same name. Andie and Geng did a swing dance (pictured above) and set the bar particularly high for their bridal waltz.

On Saturday night I was joined by 6 amazing people at The Aylesbury for dinner. Many drinks followed and resulted in eating Mee Goreng at China Bar at 5am the next morning before getting a cab back to my friends house to fall into bed. The next morning we had brunch at The European before hitting the shops.

I was pretty sad to be heading home, so finding out there was a Cafe Vue at Melbourne Airport (since when?!) certainly lifted my spirits.

I love my city. Can’t wait to go back xx

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2 Responses to My Weekend in Melbourne

  1. andie h says:

    Hi Bec, I never realised you had a blog til just now, then I found myself on your blog! What an honour! Your photos of all your trips and musings are beautiful! Who takes them? Looking forward to seeing you again soon xxx

    • Bec says:

      Andie! I’m sorry I never sent you the link to this post, especially when you and Geng make an appearance! I take all my photos, except when I’m in them, then I use a tripod with a remote control or a friend. I can’t wait until I get to see you in August xx

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