The best $0.99 I ever spent

A couple of weeks ago I bought this bun sponge twist tool on ebay for $0.99 INCLUDING postage?! Well I was prepared for it to be crap or a Nigerian internet scam but I am pleased to report it is neither. It is foam covered aluminium wire.

Start with your hair in a pony-tail.

Thread your hair through the slit in the middle of the twist tool and roll downwards towards your head. Then bend the ends of the sponge together, adjust your hair to cover the foam and voila! Bun perfection.

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What was the last thing you bought for $0.99?!

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8 Responses to The best $0.99 I ever spent

  1. Adrienne says:

    Um it wasn’t 99c but the closest I’ve come to a bargain for a while is my 100ml Chanel Chance Fraiche for $0.01c hahaha um … I still feel guilty that poor seller misspelt it and got ripped off haha . You look great with your hair up, I would love to try this but I feel like my features don’t suit hair ups :S at 99c and no scamming maybe this is something I could try at least once! X

  2. I use to have these when I was in middle school! I had like 4 different ones in different sizes. They were sold on an infomercial and my dad ordered them for me haha. I don’t remember what happened to them, but I didn’t use them much because my hair has never been long enough. It even came with a book showing you how to do different hair styles using these things.

    • Rebecca says:

      Haha awesome. I can’t imagine what other kind of hairstyle you could make with this though… Apart from lots of different sized buns rather than just one?!

      • Does yours bend in different ways? Mine use to and I use to do “S” where you bend one side one way and the other side the other way, but basically yeah its a bunch of different sized, and shaped buns haha

  3. Raluca says:

    This is AMAZING, I need one as well!!!

  4. CECYLIA says:

    lol what an amazing device!! I’ve always wondered how people got their buns so perfectly…alas!

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