Another Bloggable Weekend

I am in the midst of ‘Operation Mini-Break’ whereby I attempt to spend three weekends in a row in a location at least 4 hours outside Kalgoorlie (not really, it just happened like that). So far it’s going well. I had Melbourne the weekend before last, Perth this weekend just gone and Esperance is coming up. Phew.

The reason for going to Perth was to attend a joint 30th birthday/farewell winery tour in the Swan Valley. It was splendid. I am a huge advocate of daytime social drinking. The hosts chartered a bus for 60 of us and we went to Edgecombe Brothers, Feral Brewery and Elmar’s in the Valley. Elmar’s was the only disappointing element of the day. You can see the scathing reviews I left on the internet here and here.

How was your weekend?

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