Birthday breakfast

Tired doesn’t even begin to cover it. Last week I went to Esperance for work, came home, spent last Saturday at Fossick Fashion Show HQ, had the childhood heroes party, had my birthday and then four nights and three days of a massive mining conference here in Kal. So much fun. So little sleep. 5am is a pretty unconventional bedtime for a Wednesday night.

But anyway. It was my birthday on Sunday.


I have a bit of a birthday tradition of having bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers for breakfast. Unfortunately I couldn’t find bagels but a friend of mine found ‘bagel thins’ which were a fine substitute.

My lovely housemates and friend Claire teamed up and got waffles, ice cream, maple syrup and bacon. This meant a lot to me as most people who haven’t tried the combination think maple syrup and bacon will be a dismal failure. HA!


A few of our mothers might have baulked at the containers on the dining table.



Feast your eyes on that:



Bros regaled us with his tales.


Elly and I listened intently.


Yep, thats me in hair and makeup from the day before, I was my birthday! I can’t take credit for the hair. It was done for the fashion show, so many posts to come.

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